Old-time band The Hushpuppies performing in our 2018 Dance Pavilion.
? Credit: Bob Powell.

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I have noticed that many people will find a genre they like and stick to it. After all, we are comfortable with what’s familiar to us, whether that’s the songs we heard growing up, the rhythms we listen to with our friends, or the echoes of the choir on Sundays. I believe if people look beyond their bubble, however,  they might be pleasantly surprised by what they find.

Filled with fun, soulful, and high-energy songs from genres across the board, including folk-rock, gospel, bluegrass, hip hop and more, this playlist is designed to get people outside of their musical comfort zone through the power of movement. I believe the best way to introduce people to unfamiliar genres and artists is to get them to start dancing- when we move to the familiar rhythm of an unfamiliar tune we allow ourselves to fully embody the joy different sounds have to offer, discovering something unexpected and wonderful in the process.

So go ahead, give it a listen. You’re bound to start dancing… or at least tap your foot.

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Bucket Brigade volunteers get ready to collection donations at the 2018 NC Folk Festival.
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