Supporting the NC Folk Festival

📷 Photo by: Lynn Donovan


Your financial contribution to the North Carolina Folk Festival helps us support our mission and keeps the Festival FREE!

The Festival highlights artists, crafts-people and makers, food, music, folklife and culture, and fun for the whole family. From North Carolina and around the world, the Festival brings an exciting mix of traditions and fusion to downtown Greensboro each year.

Donations are processed via Kindful. The North Carolina Folk Festival is a nonprofit 501(c)(3). Our tax id is 82-4363298.

Friends of the Festival

The North Carolina Folk Festival would like to recognize these individuals for their generosity and support:

  • Denny Kelly and Lou Bouvier
  • Barbara C. Ruby
  • John and Helen Barnes
  • John and Carole Simms
  • Joe Compton
  • Brenda and Tony Cox
  • Gail Dempsey
  • Dina Fletcher
  • Marcy Freed
  • Susan Hendrickson
  • Klee Family
  • David L. Kyger
  • Ethan Lodics
  • Ashley Madden
  • Doug and Maureen Murray
  • John Peterson
  • Ron and Jean Pudlo
  • Tom Pugh
  • Nancy Radtke
  • Sarah Roffman
  • Steve and Theresa Smith
  • Jim and Sue Stinson
  • Tom Walk and Tina Stephenson
  • Chris Williams
  • Wayne Young

Folk Festival Wishlist

Another way you can help the festival is with a donation of tools or supplies. Our team does an incredible job building and striking our festival stages, tents, and other structures each year. It takes many hands and many tools (and a lot of water!) to make that happen.

Supply or tool donations can be coordinated with our operations team using the form below.

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You can also donate supplies to the festival directly via our Amazon Wishlist page. There, you can select, purchase, and ship items directly to our team. These purchases are eligible for in-kind gift receipts, or can be kept anonymous.