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Why Give?

When you give to the North Carolina Folk Festival, you convene community in a vibrant and inclusive celebration of creativity and cultural roots that honors our diverse music, dance, food, crafts, and other folk traditions.

See our work in action in this video montage from the 2021 NC Folk Festival!

How To Give

Support our growing portfolio of programs and events that celebrate cultural diversity and creative traditions from North Carolina and across the globe!

Donate Online

You can make a one-time gift or donate monthly online with your credit card. Financial donations to the North Carolina Folk Festival are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

  • North Carolina Folk Festival Tax ID: 82-4363-298

Mail Your Check

Checks should be made payable to North Carolina Folk Festival.

  • North Carolina Folk Festival
    PO Box 5364
    Greensboro, NC 27435

Sponsorship Opportunities

The North Carolina Folk Festival offers valuable, effective, customized sponsorship packages that include a variety of opportunities for event activation, product integrations, prominent logo placement, and other marketing opportunities.  Investment levels range from $2,500 to $100,000.

Other Ways To Give

Matching Gifts

Employers often match employee donations to charities. If your company has a matching gifts program, please contact your HR office and submit appropriate paperwork for matching your donation to the North Carolina Folk Festival.

Stock Donations

You can sell your stock and donate your gains to the North Carolina Folk Festival, or you can donate securities directly for a bigger deduction and donation.

Amazon Smile

When you shop at, Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase price to us. Simply sign up, choose the North Carolina Folk Festival from the list of available charities, and start shopping!

Amazon Wishlist

Check out our Amazon Wishlist! 
Select, purchase, and ship items directly to the North Carolina Folk Festival team!  Purchases are eligible for in-kind gift receipts, or can be kept anonymous.

Donate Used Tools & Supplies

Do you have lightly used tools and supplies around your home that are looking for a new home?  Submit your information in this form and we’ll follow up to sync our needs to what you can donate!

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Thank You to our 2021 NC Folk Fest Donors

  • John and Helen Barnes
  • Kenneth Caneva
  • Ronald P. Johnson
  • Denny Kelly and Lou Bouvier
  • Skip and Peg Moore
  • W. Christopher Musselwhite
  • Barbara C. Ruby
  • Lynda Simmons
  • Mary Alexander
  • Gary and Linda Anderson
  • Huma Asghar
  • Hunter and Pam Bacot
  • Dan Barker
  • Philip and Dawn Barry
  • Bob Beerman
  • Torian Brown
  • John and Carole Simms
  • Charles and Rebecca Bluffington
  • Barbara Burton
  • Nancy Cameron
  • R Kim Carrison
  • David Cashwell
  • Kenneth Cham
  • Amy Conley
  • Ray Covington
  • Shannon and Stephen Wade Dahlstedt
  • Robin and John Davis
  • Joan M. Davis
  • Carolyn de Berry
  • Ryan Deal
  • Angela and Mark Drews
  • Richard Emmett and Kim Lawson
  • Tina Firesheets
  • Rebecca Floyd
  • Sharin Francis
  • Will Frazier
  • Fresina Family
  • John and Beverly Gagnon
  • Carl and Debbie Gessner
  • Zacary Goldstein
  • Lara Goldstein
  • Martha Gordon
  • James Griffin
  • Amy K. Grossmann
  • Christy Gumbiner
  • Charlie Tuna
  • Robin Hammond
  • Lalenja Harrington
  • Josephita Harry
  • William Hicks
  • Nancy Hoffmann
  • Marion and Gary Hosey
  • Robert and Margaret Kantlehner
  • Edward Kennedy
  • Lex and Brent Kulman
  • David L. Kyger
  • Sarah Leck
  • Sarah Leimenstoll
  • Catherine Levinson
  • Tim Lindeman & Nancy Walker
  • Thomas Lyons
  • Scott MacLeod
  • David and Bea Mandel
  • Ted and Carla Manny
  • Kelsey Meyers
  • Molly Mullin
  • Doug and Maureen Murray
  • Barb and Richard Newbauer
  • Margaret and Thomas Newlin
  • Toula and John Oberlies
  • Odaro Omoruyi
  • John Peterson
  • Kenneth Pettigrew
  • Tom Pugh
  • Jeri and Katherine Rowe
  • Beatrice Schall
  • Hal Schnee
  • Paula Seniors
  • Tamara and Jim Slaughter
  • Steve Smith
  • Dave Sniffin
  • Robert Sowa
  • Judy Stafford
  • Ann Steighner
  • Carrie and Will Stewart
  • Paula Jean Stober
  • Liza Tamer
  • Tammi and Kevin Thurm
  • Waiyi Tse
  • Ronald Tucceri
  • Denise Turner Roth
  • Ron & Regina Vernon
  • Meredith Wagner-Hoehn
  • Pamela Warner
  • Paula Wilder
  • Chris Williams
  • June and John Witherspoon
  • Tom and Sarah Wright
Last Updated on 2021-11-17