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Gifts to support the North Carolina Folk Festival are vital to convening community members in vibrant and inclusive celebrations of creativity and cultural roots that honor our diverse music, dance, crafts, food, and other folk traditions.

Your donation will help us ensure that the annual free-admission NC Folk Fest, our Folk A’Fare culinary event, the Not Your Average Folk Contest, and other programs continue to support and amplify the makers, voices, and other creative expressions that contribute to the cultural vibrancy of the NC Piedmont region.

Friends of the Festival

Becoming one of our Friends is a wonderful way to show your commitment to the work and mission of the North Carolina Folk Festival, and comes with great benefits!

Whether submitted online or by mail, donations of $10 and above automatically join you in our Friends of the Festival community with the following benefits:

  • Stickers, Buttons, or other NC Folk Fest-branded schwag to wear or display in acknowledgment of your support
  • Your name listed on as one of our Friends of the Festival
  • Quarterly e-Newsletter from the North Carolina Folk Festival (exclusively for Friends and volunteers)
  • Emailed previews of NC Folk Fest news and announcements before sharing with the general public

Donate Online

Make your tax deductible donation in support of our work today!  The Donate Today button will bring you to our online donation page where you can make a one-time gift or set up a recurring monthly donation that adds up over the year!


Text the word FOLK to (336) 901-9050.

Mail Your Check

Checks should be made payable to North Carolina Folk Festival, and may be mailed to:

North Carolina Folk Festival
PO Box 5364
Greensboro, NC 27435


The North Carolina Folk Festival offers valuable, effective, customized sponsorship packages that include a variety of opportunities for our corporate citizens to engage new and existing customers, to enhance brand awareness and visibility, and to promote employee and other stakeholder participation in a cherished community celebration.

See our Sponsorship page for more information.


NC Folk Fest volunteers are critical partners who bring our annual festival to life each September.

If you love giving back to your community and want to support a great cultural event and organization, join our group of dedicated volunteers!

Each year we recruit 500+ volunteers who serve in a variety of roles.  You may volunteer as an individual or with a group of friends or coworkers!

See our Volunteer page for more information.

Other Ways to Give

Matching Gifts

Employers often match employee donations to charitable organizations.  If your company has a matching gifts program, please contact your HR office and submit the appropriate paperwork for your matching your donation to the North Carolina Folk Festival (Tax ID: 82-4363298)

Amazon Wishlist

Select, purchase, and ship items directly to the North Carolina Folk Festival team!  Purchases are eligible for in-kind gift receipts, or can be kept anonymous. Note: Amazon does not share purchaser names with us. If you would like an in-kind gift receipt, you must proactively alert us to your purchase by emailing friends at ncfolkfestival dot com.

Thank You 2023 Friends of the Festival!

Jennifer Aceves

Kendra Adachi

Catherine Akens

Mary Alexander

Karen Asplund

Meredith Arkin

Erick Bain

Darlene Ball

Robin E Bateson

Richard Beard

Lindsay Bell

Cathy and Lee Bentsen

Mojgan Besharat

Silvia Bettez

Juliette Bianco

Danielle Black

Betsy Blake

Christen Blanton

Stephen Bloch-Schulman

Brittany and Tom Blue

Gerald Boadu

Paul Bradshaw

Beth Bristol

Cheyenne Brown

Charles and Rebecca Buffington

Ysue Bujiang

Lisa Bunch

Barbara Burton

David Calkins

Kenneth Caneva

Gilbert and Jane Carnathan

Bryan Carter

Bill and Linda Cary

Kenneth Cham


Dina Coker

Joe Compton

Wendi Conarpe

Betty and Ben Cone, Jr.

Spencer Conover

Patricia Costello

Ray Covington

David Craft

Jessica Criss

Dan Curry

Sheila Curry

Larry Czarda and Carolyn Chappell

Timothy Daniel

Joan M. Davis

Jo and David Delman

Jason Derbyshire

John Dewey

Rebecca Dillon

Mae Douglas

David Doyle

Laura Druebbisch

Adam and Laura Duggins

Matthew Duarte

Jean Duncan

Pam and Alan Duncan

Dan Eder

Catherine Edmunds

Thelma Eley

James Ellis

Laura Eynon-Way

Elizabeth Farabee

David Farrier

Deborah Fields

Valerie Fields

Timothy Fleming

Chance Fletcher

TJ Foster

John and Beverly Gagnon

Dwight Garrison

Anne Geggie

Julia Geniac

Carl and Debbie Gessner

Patrick Giamario

Maria Gonzalez

Richard Granowsky

Jason Gray

Elizabeth Green

Melissa Greer

John Griffith

Keith Gruchacz

Robert Guttentag

Michaela Hafley

Chip Hagan

Janis Hammett

Madhu Hariharan

Anne R. Harris

Deborah Hayes

Lauren Haymore

Melanie Hebert

Peggy Hickle

Hanna Hobson

Nancy Hoffmann

Wilbur and Dionne Holden

Marie Hopper

Marion and Gary Hosey

Jason Hughes

Blaine Hutchins

Leslie Isakoff

Kevin James

Elizabeth Jernigan

Hiraku Jimbo

Marsha Johnson

Norman Johnson

Ron Johnson and Bill Roane

David Johnston

Patrick Kane

Robert and Margaret Kantlehner

Charles Kappauf

Clifton Karnes

Denny Kelly and Lou Bouvier

Elizabeth King

Leigh Ann Klee

Julianne Knight

Page Kreager

David L. Kyger

Claire Lambert

Milton Lauenstein

Karen Lawler

Pat and Peter Levitin

Tim Lindeman and Nancy Walker

Sue and Neil Lutins

Thomas and Frances Lyons

M.G. Newell Corporation

Leslie Mackler

Catherine Magid

Mary Magrinat

Christine Maj

David and Bea Mandel

Ted and Carla Manny

Stephanie Martinez Ramirez

Paul McCarthy

Alyssa McCullough

Marianne McDonald

Gabrielle McIntyre

Igor Mejouev

Martin Messick

Victoria and Ronald Milstein

Jack Mitchell

Mary Mondon

Paula Monsees

Mabel Morana

Barry Morris

Paula Morrow

John Mortenson

John Moya-Mendez

Michele Moyer

Doug and Maureen Murray

Chris and Robyn Musselwhite

Warren Nelson

Barbara Newbauer

Margaret and Thomas Newlin

Odaro Omoruyi

Robert Osborne

Jame O’Sullivan

Melynda Ozan

Daniel Pater

Anna Patterson

Ned Pearson

Robert and Martha Peddrick

Paula Pierce

Robert Pompey

Jessie Pounds

Marie Price

Ron and Jean Pudlo

Tom and Sandy Pugh

Jynnifer Quick

Merry Rabb

Nancy Radtke

Caroline Raper

T Rasco

Michael and Brenda Reed

Peter A. Reichard and Linda Hiatt

Diane and Victor Reinhold

Caroline Renfroe

William Richardson

Melissa Riffe-Guyer

Margaret Ritsch

March Rivera

Kathleen Rooney

Michelle Rosen

Jeri and Katherine Rowe

Judith Roy

Alton Russ

Britton Lee Rust-Chester

Gwen and Jimmy Ryan

Barbara C. Ruby

Lynn Sametz

Rachel Samuels

Peter Sangimino

Eleanor Schaffner-Mosh

Beatrice O. Schall

Daniella Schmidt

Hal Schnee

Brian Schuft

Byron Schulken

Elizabeth Sedgwick

Jamie Sellers

Howard Sherrill

Madison Shipman

Derick Shular

Terrie Silver

Carole Simms

Allison Slaby

Thomas R. Sloan

Anne Smith

Gary Smith

Samantha Smith

Spencer Smith

Virginia Smith

Jeffrey and Mary Sonis

Natalie Sowell

Mariela Sosa

Judy Soukkhaphon

Judy Stafford

Jeffery Stanley

Ann Steighner

Mark Stepnowski

Andrew Stern and Judy Pellarin

Jim and Sue Stinson

Laura Stranford

M.Gray Styers, Jr.

Brian Swierenga

Don Teaff

Sandra Tetterton

Kerrie Thomas

Katherine Turner

Waiyi Tse

Janie Valdez

Pamela Vazquez

Peter Vincent

Eric Vo Van

Julie Wall

Travis Wall

David and Nancy Wallace

Adam Warner

Ralph Wear

Lee and Prudy Weaver

Erica and Martin Weissburg

Maureen Wells

Cassandra Weston

David White

Mark White

Paula Wilder

Chris Williams

Daryl Williams

Chris Wilson

June and John Witherspoon

Ellen Witzke

Smith Woosley

Aldona Wos

Tiffany Yanez Zapata

Christopher Zoch