NC Folk Festival Donations

Photo: Lynn Donovan

Support the North Carolina Folk Festival

The North Carolina Folk Festival honors, celebrates, and shares the meaningful ways in which communities express their creativity and cultural traditions through music, dance, food, crafts and other folk arts to enhance appreciation of diverse traditions and contribute to community vibrancy and inclusivity.


In 2015 when the Folk Festival was first presented in Greensboro, we believed the event could be transformative for our community – seven years later (and through a global pandemic!), we are still going strong – annually convening people of all backgrounds in a welcoming, inclusive, admission-free celebration of our diverse cultural roots.


Help us fulfill our mission to celebrate the makers, the tradition-bearers, and the innovators who carry cultural knowledge forward on public stages and in home studios for all to experience and enjoy! Your support makes possible the annual, free-admission North Carolina Folk Festival, and new programs like the Not Your Average Folk Contest.

Other Ways to Support the NC Folk Festival

Another way to support the NC Folk Festival is by donating tools or supplies. Our production team builds a temporary “city” with stages, tents, and other structures that make up the Festival site each year. It takes many hands and many tools for these tradesmen to make this all happen.

There are two options for donating tools and supplies:

Option 1

Do you have lightly used tools and supplies around your home that are looking for a new home? Submit your information in this form and we’ll follow up to sync our needs to what you can donate!

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Option 2

Check out our Amazon Wishlist! Select, purchase, and ship items directly to the NC Folk Festival team! Purchases are eligible for in-kind gift receipts, or can be kept anonymous.

Thank You to our 2021 NC Folk Fest Donors

  • John and Helen Barnes
  • Denny Kelly and Lou Bouvier
  • Barbara C. Ruby
  • Huma Asghar
  • Philip and Dawn Barry
  • Bob Beerman
  • Barbara Burton
  • Amy Conley
  • Shannon and Stephen Wade Dahlstedt
  • Angela and Mark Drews
  • James Griffin
  • Amy K. Grossmann
  • Robin Hammond
  • Edward Kennedy
  • Sarah R Leimenstoll
  • David and Bea Mandel
  • Ted and Carla Manny
  • Molly Mullin
  • John Peterson
  • Tom Pugh
  • Tamara and Jim Slaughter
  • Dave Sniffin
  • Ron & Regina Vernon
  • Paula Wilder
  • Chris Williams
  • June and John Witherspoon
Last Updated on 2021-08-12