Volunteer Program Overview

Our volunteers are critical partners who bring the annual NC Folk Fest to life each September. 

  • Each year we recruit 500+ volunteers who serve in a variety of roles

Our volunteers are donors who maintain and sustain us with their time, skills, and knowledge.

  • Volunteers donate just over 2,000 hours of their time, skill, and knowledge
  • That gift of service has as valuation of at least $55,260

Our volunteers grow our capacity to nurture a sense of belonging and community through the arts.

Quotes, collected from locals and visitors attending the 2022 NC Folk Fest: 

  • “I can be proud of Greensboro when it comes to the NCFF. It’s free, it’s diverse in its programming and artists, everyone feels welcome. That’s important. We need more of that here.”
  • “Music and the arts are uniquely suited to draw in diverse crowds, and that is something that the NCFF does really well, too.”
  • “The great thing about festivals is it brings people together that would probably normally never be in the same space together. We have people of different ages, races and ethnicities, and cultures, and they’re standing right next to each other dancing and enjoying the music, and hopefully they’re having conversations, too, and that’s really beneficial to community building.”

Volunteer Program Visioning

Maturation and Adaptation – 2015 to 2022. 

  • The National Folk Festival completed a three-year residency in Greensboro, NC from 2015-2017
  • The North Carolina Folk Festival became its own nonprofit, incubated by ArtsGreensboro, the county’s local arts council
  • Following the National Folk Festival, the NC Folk Fest was launched in 2018
  • The NC Folk Fest continues to adapt in the community it calls home


Future and Visioning – 2023 & Beyond. 

  • Volunteers are critical partners who deepen our relationship with community
  • The NC Folk Fest seeks to grow community participation, at the festival and with year-round efforts
  • We hope to create vibrant social and service opportunities in and for our community
  • We hope that our volunteer program will lead to mentorship, ambassadorship, and expressions of gratitude within the community

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