Veronika Jackson - North Carolina Folk Festival
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Veronika Jackson plays guitar on stage as she smiles at the camera.
Veronika Jackson at the 2019 Jackson King Biscuit Blues Festival.
📷 Photo Credit: Unknown.
Atlanta, GA

Veronika Jackson

Dynamic, Powerful, Entertaining and Captivating.


Veronika Jackson started her music career at an early age, singing in the school choirs at the age of ten. She was raised with a musical influenced family in St. Petersburg, Florida. In her teens her love for acoustic folk and R&B music grew as she followed such artist as Odetta, Dolly Parton, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Joan Baez, Ella Fitzgerald, and  later, Diamond Teeth Mary, a blues performer who inspired many folk artist through her performances at the Florida Folk Festival.


Veronika Jackson has taken the acoustic folk guitar and the history of her culture as an African-American woman, and has generated her own original, authentic and exciting style of music.  She is a rare and unique performer. Her smooth and strong interpretive vocals are very expressive. Her clear, simple rhythmic  clean way of piedmont blues-style guitar picking compliments her  performances. She has been told that her music says something, it educates and also inspires.


“She draws in the audience and engages them with her charismatic presence as a performer. When she performed at The Pocono Blues Festival, someone heard her and in no time she was booked for The MerleFest 2011.”


“Alone with her guitar, she blew a fresh air at the end of the day.  Just like a golden nugget which surfaced from the bottom of the river, where nobody expected her.”

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The Piedmont Blues Preservation Society (PBPS) is a 501c3 charitable non-profit dedicated to the preservation and presentation of the culture & music known commonly as the Blues; this form of music having evolved historically from the culture & experiences of African-Americans including work songs and spirituals. Our organization documents and preserves both the African-American and North Carolina Blues traditions, and presents educational programs, seminars, and workshops meant to revive, maintain, and grow interest in Blues in our regional community. We represent Blues culture through educational programs, workshops, and with a focus on historic accuracy and cultural authenticity. We collaborate with other non-profits and with regional and global businesses to highlight the Piedmont as a place to not only live but a place to experience rich culture and history. Our services support public health issues, educational initiatives, and societal concerns while promoting local businesses, tourism, the Arts, and education.