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In 2009, there were widespread reports of dogs becoming sick from toxic ingredients in food and treats. Veronica Reynder was angry and outraged that companies were putting profit before the health of dogs, prompting her to begin researching a better way. Inspired to be an advocate for dogs, she began experimenting and diligently worked to craft a superior dog treat,
and Veronica’s Doggie Delights was born.
Growing up in Philadelphia, both of Veronica Reynder’s parents made impressions on her future career path. One of six children, her father worked as an accountant and her mother worked in the family home, spending the bulk of her time preparing meals. This is where Veronica was first introduced to baking. Her father’s business skills and work ethic would also prove valuable in years to come. She recalls him impressing the need to “get it done right”.
Moving the family from Philadelphia to Newtown Square meant a new appreciation for time outdoors, access to farm fresh ingredients and aspects of life in the “country”, even if it was technically the suburbs! Veronica’s mother encouraged her children to get involved in the kitchen, paving the way for Veronica to learn baking skills and creating a space for experimenting with recipes.
In 1980 Veronica married her husband Dave, a jack-of-all-trades to his family, who works in information technology. When Dave’s job provided them an opportunity to move to California, they moved to San Jose, where they lived for eight years and had three children, Cristin, Jonathan and Stacy. With most of her extended family living back on the east coast, Veronica learned about building new connections and cultivating relationships.
After years of working in accounting, retail, and telemarketing, Veronica found herself wanting to spend more time connecting with things that she enjoyed. She had a love of learning and helping people, but what really spoke to her was her absolute love of dogs. When asked about the inspiration behind Veronica’s Doggie Delights, she states “It always came back to the dogs”.
The company today is a family collaboration that includes Veronica’s daughter Stacy, and her son-in-law Mike. After graduating from college, Stacy began working alongside her mother in the kitchen and traveling to vendor events. She now directs the wholesaling division of the business and handles product distribution. When Stacy’s husband Mike joined the family, he also helps with the business when needed. Mike, a fourteen-year army veteran, helps with the baking operations. He credits the baking process as well as customer interaction as a type of healing therapy after being medically discharged from the army for post traumatic stress disorder. They also have three children Gavyn (2 years) Dekhlan (4 years) and Makayla (5 years), who is Mike’s “right hand baker”, already following tradition! Veronica, Stacy and Mike contribute their unique talents to keep their operation moving forward, always looking for ways to refine the business. In 2017, they moved the business from Pennsylvania to North Carolina where they set up their shop in Benson.
The team insists on the highest quality natural ingredients, all of which are listed on each package, and meet standards for human consumption. Ingredients are locally sourced and the treats contain NO soy, corn, sugar or salt. The goal is for ALL dogs to safely enjoy a treat, with options available for dogs with diabetes or dogs who may require a gluten-free choice. A quality control panel, made up of discriminating four-legged taste testers, provide valuable feedback to the product’s creators. Working together, they create a treat that dog’s and their owners can both
trust and enjoy!
Founder and creator of Veronica’s Doggie Delights, Veronica Reynders is proud of her commitment that makes her products so popular with customers (and their owners!) She continues to refine her original recipes to eliminate any ingredients that are not beneficial or necessary. Running her innovative company is done the only way she knows how, from her heart…. With a focus on making purity a priority, it’s no surprise these treats are in such high demand!


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Pupcorn Chicken

One of our bag treat flavors. Ingredients include Whole Wheat Flour, Rolled Oats, Chicken Breast, Olive Oil. This treat is crunchy and is a favorite among Chicken Lovers!

3-in-1 bone

This is a Peanut Butter Bacon bone. Pastry Flour, Rolled Oats, Peanut Butter, Bacon, Olive Oil. Just one of the many bone flavors we have available. Each cookie is approximately 4.5 inches and 1/2 inch thick.

3-in-1 Bone

An Apple Biscotti Cookie baked around a beef marrow bone. Stuffed with natural Peanut Butter and Rolled Oats. Be sure to freeze bone before giving to your dog to ensure longer lasting treat.