The Old Crafty Hen

Burlington, Guilford County, NC

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I draw inspiration for my copper enameled jewelry from the colors of the flowers in my garden, a basket of vegetables, a morning sky, a multi colored ocean even a landscape photograph. When my father passed away, I inherited his studio. With a solid and ever expanding base of formal training and an all-out try anything mentality, I’m all about the colors and their relationship to each other. With 60s and 70s rock and roll playing in the background, my studio is my happy place.

When working with vitreous enamels every firing result is a surprise. My technique is dependent on the different COE of the vintage and current enamels I work with. I will have an idea in mind and through layering the enamels and then adding the heat of the kiln, the design just happens. No 2 pieces ever fire exactly alike. This results in some very interesting and lovely ideas. I am never quite sure what they are going to look like until after they are fired, fused to the copper and cooled. The process has many steps and requires patience; this process will create textures and color blends to add depth and interest to the piece I am working on. 

After the firing process I then take these pieces and clean and polish them and combine them with glass beads, metals and/or found items and charms to create one of a kind works of art. I hope you will love wearing them as much as I love making them.

Jacki Johnson King |

Jacki Johnson King Photo - Jacki King
Green wrap n - Jacki King

Green Wrap Necklace

Green Enamel with Blue Separation with copper chain.

North Carolina in Blue

Blue on Blue NC pendent with copper chain.

Red Earrings with Blue

Red Enamel with stenciled blue design.