The Legendary Ingramettes - North Carolina Folk Festival

The presentation of The Legendary Ingramettes is funded with support from The Center for Cultural Vibrancy.

2021 NC Folk Festival Gospel Performers, The Legendary Ingramettes
Richmond, VA

The Legendary Ingramettes

Widely celebrated as the “First Family of Gospel Music” in Richmond, Virginia, The Legendary Ingramettes have been blowing the roof off performance stages for nearly six decades. The Ingramettes were originally formed by Evangelist “Mama” Maggie Ingram, born July 4, 1930, on Mulholland’s Plantation in Coffee County, Georgia, where she would later work the cotton and tobacco fields with her parents. Maggie began playing the piano and singing at an early age, and developed a great love for the church and gospel music. In 1961 Maggie moved herself and her five children to Richmond, Virginia, and there created Maggie Ingram and the Ingramettes, a family singing group that became one of the most beloved groups in Richmond’s storied gospel tradition. 

Maggie passed away in 2015 at the age of 84, but the group has continued to soar, led by the powerfully incomparable singing of her oldest daughter, Almeta Ingram-Miller, who is joined by Maggie’s granddaughter Cheryl Maroney-Yancey and daughter-in-law Carrie Jackson. Backed by their rock-solid house-shaking rhythm section, the Ingramettes continue to bring the electric energy and spirit of a Sunday morning service to the performance stage.