Eight performers dance in a circle around a central figure to drum music on stage.
SUAH African Dance Theatre performance.
📷 Photo Credit: Unknown.
Greensboro, North Carolina
African Dance

SUAH African Dance Theatre

In 1993, Mr. Wesley L. Williams Jr. founded a professional dance company, based in Durham, NC called, “Wesley Williams / Urban Dance Theatre” (WW/UDT).  After several successful years in Durham, NC, Mr. Williams decide to relocate and move his company to Greensboro, NC. In 2012, Wesley Williams was led to make some changes and start a new, and this is when “SUAH African Dance Theatre” (SADT) was born. SUAH is a Gio name from Liberia, West Africa, which means “One with a new idea or a new beginning.” SADT consist of 9 very talented dancers, all with professional dance and theater backgrounds. Its repertoire consists of West African and Contemporary African Dance.  “SUAH African Dance Theatre” is most popular for its work in NC public schools presenting hands-on edutainment programs for grades K-12, as well as, the university age group. This gives SADT an opportunity to provide a platform for the next generation of artists to utilize their gifts and talents.  SADT inspires to touch individuals’ lives, world wide, through ministry of song, music, and dance.