7:30PM, Wednesday, September 6th, 2023 | The Carolina Theater

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$40 / $35 / $30 depending on seat location

Songs of Hope & Justice - An Annual NC Folk Fest Tradition

Music is a powerful medium through which people across the world address and amplify freedom and social justice movements.

Prior to each NC Folk Fest weekend, we host a special concert titled Songs of Hope & Justice to commemorate this musical legacy and to acknowledge the ongoing work and voices of today’s freedom and justice advocates.

Each year Songs of Hope & Justice features a unique lineup of several of North Carolina’s preeminent singers and songwriters who carry their individual musical styles into the performance – unifying their voices on stage through a common spirit and purpose. This year’s lineup includes:

  • Laurelyn Dossett (host)
  • Alice Gerrard
  • Phil Wiggins
  • Molly McGinn
  • Riley Baugus
  • Lelanja Harrington
  • Demeanor
  • DaShawn and Wendy Hickman
  • Chaisaray Shenck
  • Scott Hinkle
  • and more!