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Claremont, Catawba County, NC

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After a life in the hectic and pressure filled manufacturing industry, I have found solace and peace in creating functional, heirloom pieces of art from something that would otherwise be cast aside as useless. Completely self-taught, I have spent many, many hours in my tiny 8’X12′ studio with my faithful golden retriever Mack, discovering the secrets and the beauty of wood carving. 

All of my spoons are crafted by hand from found or donated wood. Friends have donated limbs or sections of logs from trees that were blown down in storms, or trimmed for the healthy growth of the tree. These are the materials that will be turned into beautiful, long lasting items that you can use in your home for generations. The spoons are carved straight from the green wood using only an ax and knives. In other words, I don’t use machines or electricity to cut corners. Unlike most modern woodworking which utilizes factory kiln dried wood and industrial sanding/finishing – my work can be done anywhere. No workshop, power outlets, safety goggles, ear protection or respirators are needed, making the process much greener and healthier. Just the clean and quiet cutting of wood fibers, as it has been done, since ancient times, and in complete harmony and balance with nature. Wood is a sustainable and renewable resource, unlike plastic – and, for eating utensils, warmer and softer on the mouth than metal.

All of my spoons have a smooth natural knife finish. The spoons are not sanded but burnished with a deer antler after application of a special blend of mineral oil, walnut oil, and beeswax. This completes the transformation from an ignored and leftover limb or log to a functional piece of art.

Master Craftsman Demonstrator for Hart Square Festival, Vale, NC
Instructor: Spoon Carving and Bowl Making, John C Campbell Folk School


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Wooden Spoons

A small sample of the many forms and shapes of spoons available.

Eating Spoons

Small spoons made to eat your favorite food with!

Decorated Spoons

Many spoons are decorated in the traditional method of kolrosing.