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I have been working with wooden toys since early high school. I apprenticed with a craftsman in his shop and when he retired I bought the business and moved it closer to my home near Clayton, North Carolina.

I enjoy building and selling these toys and I take a lot of pride in my crafts. I strive to make quality and safe wooden toys available at a reasonable price. All manufacturing is done at my shop. I use only child-safe materials in all of my toys and they are all made of poplar hardwood which is ideal for achieving a smooth finish. This means that there are no rough edges to harm your child. My toys also have no small parts that could present a choking hazard.


I try to make all of my toys educational so that not only will the child enjoy playing with them but my toys also help teach the child hand-eye coordination, spelling, color recognition, and motor skills. I do not make any violent toys–no gun or knives.

It gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction to see the kids’ eyes light up when demonstrating the toys at the many shows I do each year.

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Keith Hartman, Quality Woodcrafts

A family owned business since 1970


Keith Hartman | qualitywoodcrafts@juno.com

name stool dpas - Quality Wood Crafts

Name Stool

These stools feature removable letters that only fit into the stool one way, so they will teach children to properly spell their name, and learn some basic colors. These stools are great for potty training, brushing of teeth, hand washing, sitting or playing on, and getting into adult size beds. They are also great “TIME OUT” stools. They come in light- or dark-stained wood and feature primary or pastel colored letters, creating ONE NAME, ONE CAPITAL LETTER (NO SPACES) up to 11 letters. They are solidly constructed of Poplar (hardwood) so that an adult can stand on the stool and not break it! The stools have a hand-rubbed oil finish stain, in either dark walnut or natural (light) finish, with hand-painted removable letters. We use only child-safe lead-free paints and stains. For two word name, made on two lines, Please contact me for pricing. 14″ long X 8″ wide X 8.5″ tall with 2″ thick letters 7 pounds

Big train

This is a Classic American Steam Train with engine, coal car, tanker, log carrier with logs, operating crane car, flat car with removable tractor, barrel car with 3 removable barrels, and caboose. The cars may be connected in any order. Train is constructed from a variety of woods.
The train is 5.25″ high x 2.25″ thick and approximately 4 Feet long

Car Carrier

This truck carries three removable cars. This is one tough truck! The cars and truck will withstand almost anything a child can do. It is also a great puzzle for your child- try loading the cars on the truck correctly! They will fit on the trailer one way! All our wheels are attached both by pressing, as well as glue. They will not come off. This truck is constructed of solid Poplar (hardwood).

16″ long x 5″ high x 3″ thick (including wheels) 3 pounds