Off The Hook - North Carolina Folk Festival

Off The Hook

Fish and Fries DF
Fish combo with fries

Shrimp and Fries DF
Jumbo shrimp combo with fries

Chicken Tenders and Fries DF
Chicken tenders and fries combo

Chicken Wings and Fries DF
Chicken wings and fries combo

Scallop and Fries DF
Scallops and fries combo

Funnel Cakes VG | DF
Funnel cake with powder sugar or chocolate syrup topping

Fried Oreos VG | DF
Fried Oreo's with powder sugar topping

Strawberry Lemonade V | VG | DF | GF

Located at Davie-Friendly Food Court near Lee|Wrangler Stage

Dietary Legend
V – Vegan
VG – Vegetarian
GF – Gluten Free
DF – Dairy Free
Nuts – Contains Nuts

Customers concerned with food allergies:
please check with food vendor regarding cross-contamination before ordering.