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Asheville, Buncombe County, NC
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Jewelry from Melange is crafted in a small one-woman studio using hand tools and low-impact processes. I strive for elegance and simplicity in the jewelry I make, and I try to produce as little waste as possible, so designs are often based on leftover pieces…the circles that are punched from the interior of a large hoop earring are used to create a smaller-scale version of that same earring design, for example.

The spontaneous finishes that occur from soldering or annealing are often incorporated into the design of the piece and sealed with archival wax. Rather than seek perfection, I celebrate serendipity and honor the marks of the making in my work; much of the jewelry features textured and/or distressed finishes.

A lifelong interest in sewing, surface design, and texture led to a study of metalworking, and I’ve been fabricating jewelry since 2015. I have studied metalworking techniques at John C. Campbell Folk School and have taken jewelry-making classes at Haywood Community College. I have also been an editor of craft books for many years, and I’ve been privileged to work on projects with many inspiring authors, including Gretchen Hirsch, Anna Joyce, Kristine Vejar, Natalie Chanin, and Lotta Jansdotter. My personal interests and professional background have informed the organic aesthetic of the jewelry I am making now.

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Inner Peace Earrings

Inner Peace Earrings earrings feature contrasting metals and surface finishes, including copper with heat patina. Earwires are also handmade from sterling silver wire.

Boho Pendant

Boho Pendants have a large copper disk and a smaller brass disk, both with natural heat patina and/or hand-forged texture; a fine silver accent ring; a soldered bail; and brass chain.

Melange Pendant

Melange Pendants are made from disks of brass and copper, and feature contrasting ovals of fine silver and soldered bails. This small version has a large brass disk with hammered detail, a smaller copper disk with heat patina, a sterling silver bail, and fine brass chain.