Meet Our Sponsors

The 2019 North Carolina Folk Festival recognizes the following Sponsors and Event-Partners

Presenting Sponsor


Stage Sponsors & Co-Hosts

Major Contributors

Contributing Partners

Friends of the Festival

Barbara Ruby
Ron Johnson and Bill Roane
Thomas and Jill White
Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Benjamin
Judge and Mrs. Frank W. Bullock Jr.
David B. Clarke
Dr. and Mrs. Roger W. Cummings
Peter A. Reichard and Linda Hiatt
Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Anderson
David Arneke and Betty Work
Mr. Evan Kent Auberry and Ms. Debbie Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie C. Bass
Katie Bloedau
Mary Lois Brugler
Rebecca and Charles Buffington
Barbara Burton
Mr. and Mrs. William P. H. Cary
Ms. Dawn S. Chaney
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cone Jr.
Mrs. Sally B. Cone
Ms. Diane Conrad
Larry Czarda and Carolyn Chappell
Shannon and Stephen Wade Dahlstedt
Dana Mac Daughtry Jr.
Drs. Sherry Dickstein and Kurt Lauenstein
Frank and Sharon Dietch
Linda Faltin
Dr. Karl B. Fields and Dr. Deborah Leiner Fields
Dina Fletcher
Paul Friedland & Jennifer Sadock
Martha Gordon
Byron and Kristen Greeson
Abigail Hall
Janis Hammett
Jay and April Harris
Stephanie Helms
Thomas and Miriam Herin
Mr. Gregory Hoffman
Troyce Hood
Patricia Hunt
Mr. Christopher Musselwhite and Ms. Robyn P. Ingram Musselwhite
Paul Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kantlehner
Denny P. Kelly and Lou M. Bouvier
Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Klass
Brent Kulman
Jean Lawrence O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. William Leinster
Joseph Leizer
Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Levitin
Paul Livingston
Ms. Susan L. Lowe
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Mackler
Dr. and Mrs. Gustav C. Magrinat
Dr. Dennis McCracken
Mary McInerney
Ron and Victoria Milstein
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Moore II
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Murray
Barbara and Richard Newbauer
Naomi Nicely
Jame O’Sullivan
Wendell and Phyllis Ott
Mark and Nita Owens
John Peterson
William Poindexter
Cheryl Poole and Robert Barry Allen
Marie Price
Michael and Brenda Reed
Diane Reinhold
Pamela J. Reitnauer
Peter Sangimino
Frederick Scaffidi
Byron Schulken
Jessica Scott
Heather Setzler
Mrs. Carole W. Simms
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Slaughter
Jennifer Smith
Steve Smith
Alexa Smith
Kenneth and Mary Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Sprinkle
Ann Steighner
Sue and Rob Stevens
Paula Stober and Willard Bucklen
Michael Stuhler
Phillip Summers
Tori Talbot and Jon Lohman
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Taylor
William and Sandra Thomas
Kess Thongteum
Tammi Thurm
Richard and Ann Vaughn
William and Darnese Waddell
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wall
Robert and Lea Anne Williams