KembeX - North Carolina Folk Festival
Los Angeles, CA
Hip Hop


Hailing from South Holland, IL, rapper Kembe X represents the kids who are proud to be themselves, even if that means not fitting in. First breaking onto the scene in 2011 with his first mixtape Self Rule, featuring fellow IL rising stars Alex Wiley and Chance The Rapper, showing Kembe’s promise on the mic with his combination of social observations, introspective thought, and witty humor. In October 2019, Kembe released his critically acclaimed sophomore album, I Was Depressed Until I Made This. Exploring themes of mental illness, addiction, and the lingering effects of childhood trauma – Kembe found his voice and story by stripping away all the notions of who he should be. Kembe X will be featured in the “North Carolina Hip-Hop: Rap is Folk” program on Saturday (9/11) on the TowneBank Stage at LeBauer Park.