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Durham, Durham County, NC
branding pendant - Karen Casey

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Welcome to Karen Casey Fused Glass Designs! We hope you have fun looking at our work and indulging in some “color therapy”! My husband and I have been working in glass for over 30 years.
I initially took a stained glass class because it was one of the few things my jack of all trades husband had not done, but it didn’t take long for glass to become a team effort. We joke that if you can name it (vase, pendant, mirror) then I made it and if you have to ask What is This? Arlen made it! We’ll just say he’s very creative and draws inspiration from Sci-Fi, nature and anything he thinks can’t be done! I love color and combining different colors of glass into interesting one of a kind pendants, clocks and vases.
Our signature work is our multi-colored pieces (jewelry, barrettes, vases, clocks, mirrors) and each piece is individually made. Fusing glass has been our passion for over ten years and we have several kilns that don’t get a lot of rest!

Karen Casey | KarenCaseyfusedglass@gmail.com

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set metal - Karen Casey

Fused Glass Jewelry Set

This fused glass set has all of the sparkly dichroic glass that you love. Choose from pendants and earrings separately. Some such as this are in double silver plated settings. Many other designs of earrings and pendants without metal also available.


Barrettes come in 3 inch (average thickness hair) and 4 inch (thick hair) and have Sturdy french inserts that won’t pop out! Also look at our Alligator clips with very strong teeth to hold hair. Choose between sparkly dichroic glass and other colorful fused glass options.

Tree Window Art

This iridized glass piece is ready to hang in the window or on a wall. The iridized glass reflects the light differently in the sunshine or at night making it a treat to look at all day long! Sizes are 5×5 and 11×11.