Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ - North Carolina Folk Festival

Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ

Turkey BBQ Sandwich w/ Fries
Hickory smoked turkey bbq, hand chopped and seasoned eastern NC-style with creamy cole slaw

SMOKED Turkey Legs DF | GF
Whole Hickory Smoked Turkeys.

Homemade mac-and-cheese, topped with turkey barbecue, crispy turkey cracklins and our signature barbecue sauce.

Chicken Wings

Collard Green/Mac-n-Cheese Eggrolls VG
Eggroll stuffed with mac-n-cheese and local collard greens.

Stuffed Turkey Legs
Crack-n-Cheese® stuffed into a fall-off-the-bone smoked turkey leg

Muscadine Slushie V | VG | DF | GF
Frozen NC muscadine grape juice beverage

Muscadine Lemonade V | VG | DF | GF
Tangy, sweet muscadine beverage made with local ingredients

Located at Greene St. Food Court near Old Courthouse Stage

Dietary Legend
V – Vegan
VG – Vegetarian
GF – Gluten Free
DF – Dairy Free
Nuts – Contains Nuts

Customers concerned with food allergies:
please check with food vendor regarding cross-contamination before ordering.