Gnam Gnam Gelato - North Carolina Folk Festival

Gnam Gnam Gelato

Vanilla Gelato VG | GF

Chocolate Gelato VG | GF

Cookies and Cream Gelato VG

Salted Caramel Gelato VG | GF

Strawberry Sorbetto V | VG | DF | GF

Pineapple Sorbetto V | VG | DF | GF

and many more flavors . . .

Waffle Cones VG

Donuts VG

Apple Fritters VG

Located at Lee|Wrangler Stage Food Court in the parking lot.

Dietary Legend
V – Vegan
VG – Vegetarian
GF – Gluten Free
DF – Dairy Free
Nuts – Contains Nuts

Customers concerned with food allergies:
please check with food vendor regarding cross-contamination before ordering.