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Mixed Media
Greensboro, Guilford County, NC
ATT63863 - Susanne Baker

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I have always been involved with books. I started out by being a bookworm, reading everything in sight. After finishing college with a degree in Communications and a minor in Geography and Romance Languages I worked as a waitress. Got tired of that pretty quickly and thought I would be a librarian. After all, they got to sit down and read all day so I went ahead and got the degree. Reality hit pretty quickly and I found myself suited for the work. During this time I was a student in the Book Arts program at the University of Alabama where I learned the traditional techniques of bookbinding, letterpress printing, papermaking and paper decoration. I have happily been doing all of it and teaching it ever since!

Susanne Baker |

off white 3 sizes full sheets - Susanne Baker (1)

Handmade watercolor paper

Handmade watercolor paper in three sizes.

Ravens’ Roses

Limited edition of a collaboration between Fred Chappell and Fritz Janschka. Handmade paper, letterpress printing and Japanese style binding.


Blank book with handmade paper interior and watercolor marbling covers. Bound in a Japanese style.