Embur Fire Fusion - North Carolina Folk Festival

Embur Fire Fusion

Embur Fire Fusion.
Embur Fire Fusion.
Jorge Castillo standing between the wooden tables of embur fire fusion wearing a white chefs coat and glasses.
Jorge Castillo

As the eldest of 7 children, co-owner and Head Chef of Embur Fire Fusion, Jorge Castillo learned how to cook at an early age, often placed in charge of taking care of and cooking for his younger siblings. It was during Chef Jorge’s first job that that his aptitude in the kitchen led to his being sent to culinary school. He delights in bringing notes of his classical training to the traditional Peruvian recipes of his homeland.

What’s Chef Jorge’s favorite time at work? The peaceful time after everyone has left for the day, calm and order has been restored, where he can reflect upon the day’s events and prepare for the next day’s delicious challenges.

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