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Babylon Restaurant

Babylon Restaurant.
Babylon Restaurant.
Jaryan Hammood has his hand on the back of a booth in his restaurant; a Middle Eastern landscape is mounted to the wall.
Jaryan Hammood

In most cultures, love is shown through food. For Jaryan Hammood, owner of Babylon Restaurant, bringing the same joy in eating to his customers that he experiences, is his first priority.

Jaryan savors the memories of trips back to Iraq where he is welcomed home with tables laden with platters piled high with roasted lamb on beds of scented rice, the butterflied, grilled fish seasoned with tamarind and turmeric that is the national dish of Iraq, and heaps of meat-stuffed vegetables called dolmas, all dishes showcasing a cuisine that dates back 10,000 years. The joy in communing over good food and conversation is universal – and it is this feeling that Jaryan most desires to serve up.

Babylon’s menu features both Iraqi and Yemeni favorites, but they are also happy to cook up special requests for anyone nostalgic for a taste of home.

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