Antion Scales - North Carolina Folk Festival
2021 NC Folk Festival Hip Hop Performer, Antion Scales
Greensboro, NC
Hip Hop

Antion Scales

Antion Scales is an artist born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. By merging musical elements, such as: 90’s Hip Hip, Rhythm & Blues and Gospel, his style can be viewed as “unorthodox” and “pleasantly versatile”. The statement, “I don’t rap, I sell advice” is a slogan Antion created, to reflect how his upbringings and experiences contribute to his storytelling as an artist, as well as a conscious approach to making music. His music bridges the gap between early 90’s hip-hop lyricism, with today’s melodic, ambient styles. As the founder of “Entitled Militia”, Antion has found joy in uniting and inspiring other talented individuals within the community. As an artist, Antion Scales transforms both his sound and content, with each body of work he releases. His newest release, “Ya Thought” is an introspective project that sheds light on the environmental disadvantages of his personal upbringing and touches on the emotional uncertainty we as a nation, continue to experience as a result of the world’s current events.