Mixed Media
Wendell, Wake County, NC
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Amy Friend began drawing at an early age. Life experiences and challenges drive her creativity, questions and self-exploration. Her work, rooted in foundations and process, delves into the complexities of life, the world around her and the way the two fit together. Through drawing, painting and printmaking, she creates a context for this exploration.
Friend’s current body of work focuses on a desire for balance and the dichotomy of her life; her desire for adventure and freedom versus a need for security and roots. Using metaphors and abstracts, her work maintains realism in its depiction. The compositions create a graceful struggle and an uncertain balance. A pleasure in the discomfort and need for the tension. Utilizing natural materials such as wood, pencil and paper, Friend is able to create a unique perspective for the viewer.

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I’ve been fighting for an answer that’s long been gone…

Embroidered silk screen print

Home is… where you are

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While it hasn’t been easy… its been everything

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